We work on the edge of both digital and physical universes.

We work on the edge of both digital and physical universes.

Projection 3D Mapping

Video Mapping is an exciting projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Surfaces that can be found at urban landscapes like buildings and monuments, or even objects from our daily routine like a car or an aeroplane.

Brand Activation

We believe that brands and products need new vocabularies, tools and platforms to come to life and engage with an evolving audience. We offer a unique brand or product experience based on impressive multimedia projects, causing impression, interaction, responsiveness and resilience.

Stage Design

We offer integrated lighting, video and scenic design for your show. Our team ensures that all elements support each other to achieve the most effective result. Our goal is to make all the production elements work together smoothly, so the result can be absolutely spellbinding.


Grandpa’s Lab create a wide range of multi-sensory installations and immersive performances that can be presented on festivals, galleries, commercial places and public spaces.


In the lab we love to apply interactive techniques that can amplify the user sensory experience. We use some basic and advanced resources and sensors that perceive and process the real world.


As a laboratory we have a natural hunger for experimenting new things with new materials and technologies, so parallel to our work we are always unveiling new horizons for us and our clients.

We are a team made of enthusiastic friends

We are a team made of enthusiastic friends

Pedro de Castro

Manager + Producer
New Media Designer

Rafael Pinto

Head of Operations
AV Tech

Tiago Pires

Creative Director
3D & Stage Designer

Diogo Carvalho

3D Modeling + Animation

Inês Meira

Music & Sound Artist

Maja Molinek

Spatial Designer

Assistant Producer

Rúben Rodrigues

3D Modeling + Animation

Lionel Wainsztok

3D Modeling + Animation