In December 2018, BLIP invited us for a special moment in their facilities. We created a digital homage to the Winter Solstice and invited a group of traditional ritual, called Caretos de Lazarim. After the main AV Show, we break the moment with the appearance of these mysterious characters. With their energy, they pulled a jumpy vibration out of everyone. While all of this commotion was taking place, the musician OMIRI started an electro-folk show, with an AV Show based on sampled traditional recordings. Was a massive WINTER JAM!


Project Manager: Pedro de Castro
Creative Direction: Tiago Pires
Art Direction: Pedro de Castro
Visuals: Tiago Pires, Diogo Meireles, Diogo Morais Carvalho, Pedro de Castro
Compositing: Pedro de Castro, Diogo Meireles
Music + SFX: Inês Meira
Tech Production: Rafael Pinto
Video: Nuno Beira
Photos: Hugo Adelino
Performance: Grupo Caretos de Lazarim
Musician: OMIRI
DJ: Klin Klop, Gil




Corporate, Stage Design + Visuals