In November 2017 we passed by LUZA Festival (Loulé , Algarve, Portugal), and presented a Video Mapping Show specially curated for the market building.
We thank the invitation of BYBEAU and Eventors’ Lab, to participate in this experience. This story roams around the transformation and mutation of matter when in contact with light.
A visual exploration of chemical reactions. Enjoy the film!


Project Manager
Pedro de Castro
Art Direction
Tiago Pires
3D Artists
Tiago Pires
Pedro de Castro
Vasco Miguel
Diogo Meireles
Diogo Carvalho
Editing + Compositing
Pedro de Castro
Diogo Meireles
SFX + Music Composing
Inês Meira
Technical Supervisor
Rafael Pinto
Technical Assistant
Diogo Meireles
Video Report
Expanding Roots




Stage Design + Visuals