At Christmas of 2017 we created this Video Mapping Show sponsored by Parques de Sintra
and technically conducted by Europalco. The projectors used were Christie Digital,
emitting a total of 350K Lumens for 200 meters of circular facade.


Project Manager
Pedro de Castro
Creative Director
Tiago Pires
Production Assistant
Inês Meira
Technical Director + 3D Scan
Rafael Pinto
Art Director
Pedro de Castro
Tiago Pires
3D Artists
Diogo Morais Carvalho
Diogo Meireles
Pedro de Castro
Tiago Pires
Vasco Pedrosa
Luís Almeida
3D Character + Rig
Joao Sousa
Editing + Compositing
Pedro de Castro
Diogo Meireles
Music + SFX
Jump Willy
Making Of
Expanding Roots