TFF Summit 2015

How to feed 9 billion people by 2050, that’s the challenge of TFF Global Summit. The 2015 edition toke place in sunny lisbon at convento do beato.


Alongside with oupas! Design we designed this event that brought people from all over the world to portugal. The theme was all about space travel, and rushing young minds to the moon, a metaphor to the goal of the event. The 40mts wide, cardboard wall, was the division of the dance floor and the conference area.


On the dancefloor, the wall was mapped using seven 12k projectors and a led pixel-mapping circuit that started from the dj booth. On the wall was presented a story, based on the author Julio Verne, where the spaceship travels along different dreamy scenarios. The Sound FX was made by Pedro Marques. As soon as the spaceship was landed, the party began, and we vj’d on it the rest of the night.




Corporate, LED, Stage Design + Visuals